Suriname, snugly tucked in between Guyana and French-Guiana on the North coast of South America, does not have a history of recreational sailing. Dutch expats introduced the sport in the ’70’s (see photo's on the right) and after Suriname became a Republic in 1975, the hard core of the club continued sailing. This is where the now officially established Sailing Club Suriname (SCS) originates from as a private and strictly non-commercial initiative.

The Sailing Club Suriname is a true sailing club. Those day’s children are among the present day’s members and together they form a tight group of passionate sailors.
If possible, the club members help each other at all times. The facilities are the result of combined efforts. Owning a yacht is a luxury in Suriname and by being selfsupporting, the sailing sport remains affordable and the teamwork adds to solidarity. Besides, the nearest Budget Marine is 500 nm away, so parts are hard to find and improvising is a must.

Several times per year the activities committee will organise a club outing, for instance a weekend trip to a destination inland. More-days trips to the Essequibo (Guyana), St.Laurent and Devil’s Island (French Guiana) will also be included.

By inviting everyone who is interested to join or learn more about sailing, the SCS intends to stimulate the sailing sport in Suriname. The goal is to let sailors enjoy sailing - as opposed to powerboating and waterscooters – and thus creating awareness for the natural environment as well.
The SCS will try to achieve this by attracting members, and a very basic ‘marina’ at Ornamibo by the Suriname river is now under construction.

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  Waterkant Paramaribo 1975
Waterkant 1975
Waterkant Paramaribo 1975

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