Sailing Club Suriname, Kenneth Oostvriesland KENNETH OOSTVRIESLAND chairman/treasurer
The million dollar man, as he is not only financially gifted but a technical crack as well. Owns "Blue Dolphin", small boat, big fun!
Sailing Club Suriname, Dyron Ellis DYRON ELLIS board member
Loves sailing and especially racing. His First 29 "Xplorer" had a facelift only recently and the reason you never see him sailing is because he is quicker than the wind!
Breezed in from Holland together with "Witte Raaf", an ALC40 kits. But on Suriname's rivers they preferably sail "Sabaku", a traditional wooden gaff rigged open sailboat and beautiful example of the Dutch class "Vrijheid" (designed 1945).
Sailing Club Suriname, Romeo Stienstra ROMEO STIENSTRA
Proud owner of "Chansea", a beautiful little GRP sailing yacht designed by J.W. Draijer. This boat was already spotted in 1975 on the Suriname river.
Sailing Club Suriname, Peter Relyveld PETER RELYVELD
It is unbelievable but Peter built his beauty "Anansi" all by himself. Not from a do-it-yourself kit, no, just starting from scratch. "Anansi" is a Carol 24, designed by Chuck Payne; renowned by any connoisseur.
Sailing Club Suriname, Bryan Rozen BRYAN ROZEN
On land, at sea and in the air the busybody of the whole bunch. Bryan is also a sailing instructor, so the job of activities officer suits him very well.
Together with that broad smiling wife on his side Carolin changed his sailing dream into reality with "Anna-Sophia", the ultimate wooden motor built according to traditional Guyanese concept.
Enthoustic new member as of January 1st, 2015. Sails "Sea-Attle Slewp", a fast and comfortable Hunter 27.
"Bollemaat" sailed many oceans. The yacht was once built for the Ostar and is a true die-hard.
Sailing Club Suriname, Charles Reiziger CHARLES REIZIGER honorary member
Nature and water lover in heart and soul and supports the
Sailing Club Suriname whenever he can. Thus honorary membr.

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