Keeping the sailing sport in Suriname alive; that is one of our main goals.
De SCS (Sailing Club Suriname) is in fact the re-birth of the “Zeilvereniging Suriname” which was active 30 years ago, and is founded in February 2013.
Our sailing club is open for everybody who is interested to join and shares our passion for sailing; young & old.
By inviting everyone who is interested to join or learn more about sailing, the SCS intends to stimulate the sailing sport in Suriname. The goal is to let sailors enjoy sailing - as opposed to powerboating and waterscooters – and thus creating awareness for the natural environment as well.

The SCS will try to achieve this by attracting members, and a very basic ‘marina’ at Ornamibo by the Suriname river is now under construction.
We are convinced that the SCS can contribute to developing this relatively unknown sport in Suriname and provide a learning experience for those who are interested.
Through our website and the social media we will keep you informed of news and activities.
If you already own a sailboat and look for a permanent or temporary berth, do contact us.S

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